West Tracy Church of Christ

Glorifying God and engaging the world for Jesus Christ

We Believe:

  • You are not an accident of nature; God has an amazing plan for your life.
  • We are on a lifelong journey of discovery through an often difficult and confusing world.
  • We need help to find our way.
  • With fellow travelers to assist and help us, God through Jesus will guide us home.
  • Many of us want to help others along the way.
  • There is truth, light, and love. It is only found in Jesus and among those who know Him.
  • Through Jesus, and with help from those who walk with Him, we can be fully renewed, refreshed, regenerated, reconnected, refined, and restored.
  • There is hope for the hopeless, help for the helpless, love for the loveless, and life for the lifeless, among all those who love and seek Jesus.
  • Our death does not need to be the end of our story, it can be the beginning of another much better one.
  • If you along with me also believe these things, you will find joy, pain, meaning and God’s purpose in your   life.

Like it or not, your journey has begun. Let’s do this, together.