West Tracy Church of Christ                                          
                                                             Excelsior Springs Mo.

Glorifying God and engaging the world for Jesus Christ

The Church that meets at West Tracy would like to welcome our visitors. We greatly appreciate your presence and we consider you our honored guests. Please fill out a visitors card and place it in the collection plate or leave on the pew when you leave. For your convenience restrooms are located in the foyer and downstairs.

Sermon Title: "Come and See"

God's tools to deal with "Depression" Sunday Bible Class 9:30AM.
along with our Series: Come And See   ....  Message: 
Those that Serve: Sunday                JUNE 10                        JUNE 17                 
                    Lords Supper--------   Steve Barrett                 Bill Manley
                    Lords Supper--------   JACK MARRANT           Al Midkiff       
                      Assisting                  Amos Schake                Ron Mellon
                    First Prayer-----------   Paul Schake                  Steve Barrett
                    Closing prayer------    Roy Hollis                      Rex Gray
                    Song leader----------   Al Midkiff                        Roy Hollis
Next church luncheon will be on 6/24/18 after services. Aimee Midkiff (Midkiff’s daughter-in-law)—is home from surgery due to a brown recluse spider bite. Surgery went well but will have a long recovery

         Prayers & Concerns
Bill Lay—Bill has been in severe pain. Had a fall last week. Bill & Jess’s son & family—Son looking for job in KC area.

Joyce Lynn’s sister Sandra—Sandra received some good news on her last test.

Georgia Banning’s husband Terry & Sister Patty—Terry has additional surgeries scheduled. Patty is dealing with terminal cancer.

Carolyn Barrett—Had a sleep study this last week. This should be the last of her tests. Waiting for results.

Wilma Miller (Linda Midkiff’s Mom)—Mom has had her staples removed and working on physical therapy. Have appt with surgeon this next week.

Bill Porter (Midkiff’s Son)—In route back to Mambai, India. Should be there 4 additional weeks.

Our shut-in’s and Ongoing Prayers—Pat Lay, Wilma Miller, Anita & Rex Gray, Joyce Paulsen, Adrianna Jordison, Mary Schroder, Makenzi Porter, MaryBrenda’s Sister-in-law, Jerry Fowler , Theo Sambursky.  

                                       Birthdays & Anniversaries

JUne 6 ---  Madison Mellon -- Birthday
June 9 ---  Micah Schake -- Birthday
June 13 --- Honace & Arbuta Dace -- Annv
June 17 -- Ryan & Sarah Mellon -- Annv
June 23 -- Ryan Mellon -- Birthday

Have news or prayer concerns for the bulletin ? Contact: Al or Linda Midkiff . Phone: 816-900-1530 email: [email protected] / [email protected]